Roof Damage…What To Do After A Storm

Unfortunately, we live in an area frequented by storms. From thunderstorms to hurricanes we have the very real potential for roof damage. REMEMBER YOUR SAFETY IS MOST IMPORTANT! Observe and document what you can from the ground and provide this to the pros. Let the professionals further assess the damage from the roof top.

1. Inform Insurance Company. Notify your insurance carrier if you expect your roof has been damaged.

2. Document Damage. Your professional roofing contractor should do a complete damage assessment with photographs to be shared with your insurance adjuster.

3. Insurance Claim Decision. This is often done on site with your insurance adjuster. Be sure you have a professional damage assessment done prior to accepting the claim decision.

4. Get Payment. Payments will be made directly to you not the contractor and typically come in two parts. An actual cash value payment immediately and a replacement amount once the roof is repaired or replaced.

5. Premium Discount. Once the work is completed check back with your insurance company and see if you qualify for any discounts on your insurance premiums. 

Some information provided by the GAF Roofing Co.



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